AD SPORT brake discs

AD SPORT brake discs

Excellent physical characteristics and attractive design


AD Sport are the highest quality sport design break disks, produced according to special orders and in batches by customer requests.

These brake discs are characterised by great physical parameters as well as a very attractive model design, which attracts the attention of car enthusiasts.

AD Sport products form is perfectly matched to the content. All holes are formed in a specific, well-considered way, ensuring the easier, optimised disk cooling. Also, a thorough pre-planning was done for grooving. Their design ensures efficient cleaning of the brake pads and the outer layers generated during operation (alluvial, slippery surface), and elimination.

AD brake discs are approved by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV). This is another high quality recognition of AD brand products. T+M TÜV certificate is provided by an approved certification centre "TÜV Rheinland". This certificate ensures that the product and its manufacturing process are controlled and supervised by an independent certification organisation.

Supplemented AD Sport disk range:


There are 70 products in new assortment for most popular cars. All products will be offered in a market for new, attractive prices. The effective AD Sport disc design reduces the braking distance and ensures more efficient mud degassing, better cooling and longer service life.