Original auto parts for new and used cars

Original spare parts are offered to both new as well as used cars. ADI is the leading supplier of car parts for new and used cars in Europe. Our company's primary objective is the quality of the spare parts supply and service.


We offer original aftermarket spare parts according to the European Commission regulation dated 07/31/2002, which states that: "original spare parts must be of the same quality as the spare parts used in car production. These parts are manufactured according to the specifications and production standards. There are defined production standards that are applied to all components and spare parts trade." The original spare parts we are offering meet the requirements  of EC and are supplied by leading manufacturers, with whom we have entered into long-term cooperation agreements.

Assortment – more than 500 000 SKU and more than 200 brands. Our suppliers deliver high quality products. You can find car parts and accessories, operating fluids, service equipment and tools and other products for workshops in our wide assortment.

AD brand name is given only to high and highest quality products that passed several quality assesment stages.

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