Choose quality and safety with BUDWEG Brake Calipers

Choose quality and safety with BUDWEG Brake Calipers
AD Baltic informs that from now on it has expanded its product range with high quality Budweg brake calipers and their spare parts.

The Leading of Europe

If you are looking for something special, Budweg Caliper has the products you need. With more than 4,000 calipers listed and 2,400 spare parts, Budweg Caliper offers the widest range of brake calipers and spare parts in Europe. The Budweg product range contains everything from handbrake calipers to electrical parking brake calipers (EPB). Covering 98 % of the European car population, they most certainly have what you are looking for, too.

Quality Products Beyond The Ordinary

At Budweg Caliper, they go the extra mile, to do things a little bit better than strictly necessary. Because brake calipers are all about safety. And Budweg Caliper do not compromise on safety. Budweg Caliper believe in their products to such an extent, that they are breaking the norm and expanding the warranty on their calipers to 5 years on all calipers installed after April 1st, 2019.

Strict Quality Control

All calipers from Budweg are subject to the highest quality control before leaving the factory. Nothing is more important than safe and reliable products. Therefore, Budweg Caliper is ISO 9001 certified and continuously develop their quality assurance procedures. Better be safe.

Founded On Solid Core Values

Budweg Caliper has one of Europe’s newest and most modern production plants, but the business is firmly rooted. For more than 40 years, it has cultivated quality and developed unique skills within the field. They are specialists. They manufacture brake calipers to a quality which often surpasses the OE level. Budweg Caliper only focuses on brake calipers.

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