CRAFT bearings

CRAFT bearings
CRAFT bearings have been tested everywhere – from the Dakar rally to the Siberian taiga

CRAFT bearings have been tested everywhere – from the Dakar rally to the Siberian taiga


Have you ever been to the snow-covered, windy Siberian taiga with its -30 °C temperature, or the Peruvian desert in the heat of 37 °C, during a sand storm? It’s fine if you haven’t – our clients have done it for you, and they continue testing our bearings every day in these severe conditions! Our partner and legend of the Dakar rally, Antanas Juknevičius, says that we each have a weakness – our weakness is the endless pursuit for the best value for money.


You've probably heard about us.

In cooperation with the most experienced Dakar racer and Baltic record holder Antanas Juknevičius, we annually compete in the most difficult and technically challenging rally in the world which is followed by over 70% of Lithuanians! Together we have beaten the Baltic record twice and received extensive media coverage in the Baltic States and South America, and we are not stopping here. You can follow our journey here:


We are mad about quality.

Just as Antanas cannot live without Dakar, so we cannot rest until we are convinced that our products meet the highest quality standards. To make sure our bearings comply with the ISO 9001 and the PPAP standards, each one of them and their parts are inspected before and after manufacture and assembly. The last step of the production process takes place in Kaunas, where we carry out tests in our laboratory in accordance with the accepted quality limit (AQL) standard. Would you like to see how it’s done? See for yourself:


We serve others as we would like to be served.

In order to provide the highest level of service, we are constantly on the lookout for news and trends and continue analysing raw materials markets. This way we can offer you the best solutions to serve your needs and provide information and expert advice efficiently, so that we save your time and our own.

We are in the centre of the bearings market.

Having experienced the Dakar rally ourselves, we realized that we must keep on moving if we want to remain competitive – in the Dakar rally as well as in business. Therefore, each year we expand our product range and present over 500 new items. Throughout the history of our company, we have accumulated over 8000 products which we offer to our customers in 80 countries – from the Brazilian forests to the Australian steppes.

CRAFT bearings provides 4 types of bearings from 3 different generations for cars and an a wide range of bearings for commercial vehicles (for over 14 vehicle manufacturers). In order to be quick and efficient, we store over 10 million. pieces of bearings in Lithuania, and we also have warehouses in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Panama.  Wherever you travel in this world you will probably come across CRAFT bearings.

Best quality-to-price-ratio of bearings: