Kavo Shock Absorbers Now Available

Kavo Shock Absorbers Now Available
This summer, the product range of AD Baltic has been supplemented with shock absorbers from Kavo Parts, which are manufactured and tested according to strict OEM specifications.

Equipped with chromium plated-piston rods, they have been tested with a continuous salt spray to guarantee a long life without corrosion.

Kavo Parts’ shock absorbers deliver a first class performance and provide:

  • Maximum road stability
  • Perfect steering control•
  • Safe and effective braking with a minimal braking distance•
  • Excellent driving comfort


The Kavo range consists of gas-filled twin tube shock absorbers. They are equipped with a valve that keeps the gas pressure low, while making sure that aeration and foaming are practically excluded. This provides a significant improvement in terms of both performance and reliability. The low gas pressure also exerts little pressure on the seals and reduces wear. The twin tube technology provides the added advantage that damage to the outside does not affect the operation of the shock absorber.

AD Baltic recommends replacing your shock absorbers in pairs, in order to guarantee perfect balance and stability. This is a particularly good idea, as Kavo is offering a 3-year warranty when the shock absorbers are replaced as a pair.


We invite you to try Kavo shock absorbers that combine excellent quality and a competitive price, all available at AD Baltic.