Masters League 2019 Final in Estonia

Masters League 2019 Final in Estonia
Winners determined  in Rakvere

With the end of 2019 also came the end of the Masters League 2019 campaign, which lasted a full five months. The second huge gift campaign was extremely successful for AD Baltic partners in Estonia. Not only did these partners take home a total of 65,000 in AD Money – they also won many of the top prizes: trips. Estonians won a whopping fifteen €500 Estravel gift vouchers as well as four €1,000 vouchers. And on January 9th, we found out who won the grand prizes, which were provided by car parts manufacturers Delphi and Bosch.


This time, the Grand Prize final took place not in Tallinn, but in Rakvere, where AD Baltic was celebrating the opening of a new customer service department. It was decided to hold the Master League final during this amazing event.


Mr Raivo Rimm, the prominent Estonian TV presenter, welcomed AD Baltic partners on the live broadcast at noon on the dot. Once the lottery machine was turned on, the first winner was auto parts dealer Spareto OÜ, which won the Delphi Technologies Estravel travel voucher worth as much as €3,000. Interestingly, this is the second time Spareto won a prize during this promotion. In October, this partner excelled in the ‘Be the Fastest’ game and won a trip worth €500, and has now won another €3,000. However, this can’t be put down to luck alone, since Spareto ordered Delphi parts 91 times during the promotion, so they had just as many lottery tickets. Their winning order was placed on December 2nd, and included a Delphi stabiliser rod for just €11.68.

Then we spun the wheel of fortunate a second time and found out that one of our small partners will be taking a special trip with Bosch. Thats right! Like in Latvia, one of AD Baltics smallest partners – Ariol Auto OÜ – won the Masters League 2019 grand prize in Estonia: an amazing trip to China. This is a small repair shop that on September 27th – right at the beginning of the promotion – ordered a Bosch boost pressure sensor for just €17.69.  This partner only had six lottery tickets, and one of them was lucky. Now Ariol Auto OÜ will just have to decide who will get to go and see China.



These great winnings prove that the AD Baltic team values all of its partners. Large or small, all partners have a chance to win the biggest prizes – and they do! We encourage you to keep your eye out for AD Baltic promotions, because they will continue in the future! Congratulations to the winners!

Watch a video of the opening here: