Masters League 2019 Final

Masters League 2019 Final
The grand prize winners have already been determined

With the end of 2019 also came the end of the Masters League 2019 campaign, which lasted a full five months. Most of AD Baltic's partners participated in this second gift campaign, and it was even more successful. By choosing promotional items, partners got back hundreds of thousands of euros in AD Money and took home numerous Estravel gift vouchers worth €500 and €1,000. And in January, we found out who won the grand prizes, which were provided by car parts manufacturers Delphi and Bosch.

The first final took place in Latvia. On January 7th, Pauls Timrots, the famous TV car show host, joined AD Baltic director for Latvia Nikolajs Želņins and Estravel representative Kristīne Veizāne at the main AD Baltic customer service department in Riga. Together, they switched on the specially created Masters League lottery machine and determined the winners.



Autofans, a car centre in Jelgava, won the €3,000 travel voucher from Delphi Technologies, and the Bosch trip to China went to one of AD Baltic's smallest partners – Viktar Piatrov, who is the owner of Belarus, a repair shop in Daugavpils that only has one lift. You can watch a video of the ceremony in Latvia here.

Estonians drew the winners on January 9th This time, the Grand Prize final took place in Rakvere, during the opening of the new AD Baltic customer service department.



The partners who attended were welcomed by Mr Raivo Rimm, the prominent Estonian TV presenter, along with Bosch representative Margus Kaju and AD Baltic assistant director for Estonia Aapo Kitsing.



Once the lottery machine was turned on, the first lucky one turned out to be auto parts dealer Spareto OÜ, which won the Estravel gift voucher worth €3,000. This was the second time this company won a Masters League prize – in October, Spareto also had a great showing in the "Be the Fastest" tournament and won a trip worth €500. The second and biggest prize – a trip to China – went to one of our smallest partners in Estonia: Ariol Auto OÜ. You can watch a video of the ceremony in Estonia here.

The last prizes went to Lithuanians. At exactly noon on January 17th, actor and TV presenter Audrius Bružas addressed guests and live viewers from the studio set up at AD Baltic's headquarters.



AD Baltic director for Lithuania Aurimas Tuskenis, Bosch sales manager Tomas Bučinskas, and Estravel representatives Vitalija Navickaitė and Irena Kazinec greeted the participants.

Since AD Baltic Lithuania has been operating the longest, it also has the most partners. A whopping 2,705 partners from Lithuania participated in the Masters League final with a total of almost 92,000 tickets. That's some serious competition, but compared to our national jackpot lotteries, ours still has the best chances of winning. It seems that our partners understand this as well, because they were very active in this Masters League.

Like in the other countries, we first identified the winner of the €3,000 travel voucher provided by Delphi. The winner was Mr Rimantas Banza. This partner has a small repair shop and works with a business certificate. Amazingly, Rimantas only had one ticket: on September 9th – right at the beginning of the promotion – he ordered a tie rod end for just €6.89, and this became the winning order.


A total of 2,566 partners with almost 78,000 tickets competed for the Bosch grand prize. Bosch products are definitely popular – during the promotion, only 157 partners only purchased one Bosch product. Most partners had a lot of tickets, and the record holder had as many as 2,267. However, once the lottery machine was turned on, the first lucky one turned out to be another small repair shop owned by Mr Audrius Baltrušaitis. On November 15th, this partner ordered a Bosch battery and glow plugs.



These great winnings prove that the AD Baltic team values all of its partners, big and small. All of our partners have a chance to win the biggest prizes – and they do! We'd like to thank everyone who participated, congratulate the winners, and invite you all to participate in our other promotions, both now and in the future!

Watch a video of the ceremony here: