Masters League 2019

Masters League 2019
Select +5% ml products and go on vacation!

Masters League 2019

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and go on vacation!

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How does it work?

When you make an order at AD Baltic you will enrol at the Master League 2019 where you will automatically get 5 percent return in AD money for the amount spent on campaign products. You can also “earn” a trip to any country in the world or win a dream vacation for two in China. We offer over 100 trips and you choose the country!

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You will earn Master League points for the campaign products purchased. Once the goods have been paid for and the return period has expired, the points will be confirmed.

Get the
master's league prize

Once you have been confirmed your Master League points, you will also be credited with AD money. Use them to pay for the new purchases!

Win your

Points turn not only into AD money but also into unforgettable trips. You can choose from over of 100 alternatives.








Anyone can win big prizes!

ESTRAVEL travel voucher
ESTRAVEL travel voucher
ESTRAVEL travel voucher


The Masters League 2019 program includes most partners based on a list compiled by AD Baltic at its sole discretion. The criteria for listing are presented in more detail in the Terms and Conditions of the Program. If you haven't enrolled with the program, however, are willing to, please contact your AD Baltic representative.


Master League points are calculated automatically upon purchase of campaign products. For every euro spent on campaign products, you get one Master League point. As long as the ordered campaign products have not yet been paid for and their return term has not expired, the points earned are considered to be unverified and "frozen". As soon as the return period has expired and the items have been paid for, the Master League points earned for them will be confirmed the next day. Only approved Master League points qualify for games where you can win great prizes. Your AD Money will be counted based on these points.


Log in to your AD Baltic account to find out how many Master League points you already have, how many are still to be collected, what their status is and what trips you will get for them. Also find out how much AD money you have and how much you will still get. The information is updated every night.


AD Baltic aims at giving everyone a fair chance of winning, and has classified all partners individually, according to their order history and potential, into "weight classes" where peer rivals compete for prizes.

Get your Premium!

Each month once you purchase campaign products you earn a Master League Premium - AD Money which are credited to your account on the AD Baltic system. You can use AD Money to pay for new orders! AD Premium equals 5 percent of the amount spent on campaign products.

How can i get the master league prize?

Each month you get Master League points upon purchase of the campaign products. Once these items have been paid for and their return period has expired (14 days), the Master League Points for those campaign products will be confirmed, the Master League Premium amount will soon be calculated and credited to your (buyer’s) AD Premium account.

You can find out the balance of your AD Money and the amount you will still get by logging into your AD Baltic account on ADCAT e-shop, by calling the contact centre 8 700 22898 or contacting your AD Baltic representative. The information is updated every night.

Where can AD Money be used?

You can use AD Money to pay for the items purchased at AD Baltic. As much as 99 percent of the product’s price can paid with AD Money. The AD Money used at checkout turns into a special AD discount, which reduces the purchase amount accordingly. Why use your own money when you can pay with AD Money?

The fastest gets great trips

Be the first to collect a set of approved Masters League points in your weight class and get a € 500 ESTRAVEL travel voucher.

This game starts on the first day of each month and continues until the first partner in his group has accumulated the required number of certified Master League points. The winner is expected by the 14th of next month. Within 5 days from the moment the winner is determined the data will be checked, confirmed and winners announced. If the winner fails to present himself/herself the prize goes to the partner who has earned the most points in the Master League that month. Partners operating in Lithuania only may compete in this game.

Where can I travel for € 500?

Are you planning on winning, or have you already won this prize? Vacation experts from ESTRAVERL, AMERICAN EXPRESS will advise you and help you choose the best trip. Travel experts now recommend...

The toughest gets better trips

Collect the highest number of Master League points in your group and receive a prize of € 1000 ESTRAVEL travel voucher.

Every month there is a new game in its "weight category". At the end of the month, we wait another 14 days for the expiry of the return term for all ordered campaign products and the purchases are paid. The data will then be checked, confirmed and winners announced within 5 days. Partners from all Baltic countries compete in this game.

Where can I travel for € 1000?

If you are considering where to go for a vacation for € 1000, the vacation experts from ESTRAVEL AMERICAN EXPRESS will be happy to help you decide. Currently, travel experts recommend...

Anyone can win big prizes

When ordering DELPHI or BOSCH campaign products, you automatically participate in the biggest game to win your biggest dream trip. Every VAT invoice containing at least one DELPHI or BOSCH campaign product is a new game ticket. The more campaign products of these manufacturers are ordered the more chances to win!

The games take place in each country until the end of the year. In January 2020, at a special event held in Vilnius, there will be a random selection of the partners who will pack their suitcases for the big trips.

DELPHI offers a € 3000 trip to any country of the world

Every time you select a DELPHI campaign product, you increase your chance of winning a € 3000 ESTRAVEL travel voucher. Go on an unforgettable journey to the most remote countries of the world. What country do you dream of visiting?

BOSCH invites you to see China.
Are you in?

The Great Wall, Shanghai, raising the flag at Tiananmen Square, legendary factories, endless rice fields, waterfalls pictured in the movies ... Yes, this is the unique China that BOSCH wants you to show. Only AD Baltic partners operating in Lithuania are participating in the game, so the chances of winning are higher than ever. It's worth the effort!

Learn about the China travel program.More