PARTNER+ program

PARTNER+ program
Taking into account and in response to the current situation and the difficulties faced by the representatives of the automotive industry in the Baltic States, AD Baltic presents the PARTNERIS+ program which aims to contribute to maintaining and stabilizing the automotive business chain and preparing for possible new challenges in 2020.


During more than 30 years of existence, we have gathered more than 400 professionals to our team and more than 30 000 professional customers, partners from automotive repair industry in Baltic countries. By constant work with professional PARTNERS and constant improvement our company improves itself and adopts to the need of the market, and by this we help back to grow and improve business of our PARTNER – YOU. By being the biggest private equity company who provides B2B services to Automotive Repair professionals in the Baltic, we understand the issues and challenges of today, better than anyone else.

By wanting to understand the real damage that was caused by first wave of COVID-19 pandemic to the Automotive repair market in the Baltic and draw possible scenarios of future outcomes, we have generated multiple researches and worked through a lot of data. Automotive repair industry is a closely related industry, where every chain member is equally important, regardless of size. (NUORODA Į SCHEMĄ). Any disruptions or malfunction of the chain can be shortly felt by all members. Sample – BOSCH (Manufacturer) with a revenue >70 bln. eur would not be able to manufacture (for example if the raw material would not be available due to COVID-19) or if AD Baltic (Distributor) will not be able to organize transport (if for example the country border would be closed) or if Professional workshop (B2B professional fitter) would not work (if for example the government would not allow to, during the pandemic).

The concluded research of current situation on the market, indicates that no matter the location of the business or the sizes of the business, all experienced major financial hit by first COVID-19 wave. By taking to consideration the given aspects, and by understanding that to the major part of this business (Automotive repair business) representatives, the aid from the government is difficult to receive, we as a committed PARTNER decided to support the local business (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) as much as possible during the 2020 period.

PARTNER + program is dedicated to You, dear PARTNER – so You could get back on track, strengthen Your business and get ready (if needed) for what may be coming next.



„AD Baltic“ team