The Head of Transport joins AD BALTIC

The Head of Transport joins AD BALTIC
The growing car parts distributor AD BALTIC continues to strengthen its middle management team.

On March 18, the Head of Transport, Tadeuš Grincevič, started working at our company. This is a new position with responsibilities including route optimization, fleet management, increasing of delivery speed, etc. Tadeuš Grinsevič is highly experienced in the transport management area. Prior to joining AD BALTIC, he worked with foreign partners to develop his own business and managed 16 trucks that supplied parts to Volvo centres and many other Western European customers.


Logistics Manager Einoras Čekanauskas is convinced that the results gained by the strong AD BALTIC team will soon be evident to all partners: “Fast delivery of car parts to the customer is one of the most important reasons why our partners chose us and, also, an ambitious logistics task of our company”.  Tadeuš Grincevič emphasizes that “efficient logistics and customer satisfaction are not determined by managers, but rather by the people who locate the ordered car part in the warehouse, prepare it, bring it in and present it to the customer. The work they do increases customer confidence and creates added value!” The new Head of Transport says that he will focus on strengthening the motivation and competence of the workers in the supply chain, because their success brings success to all of us.


In his spare time Tadeuš Grincevič practices motorcycle sport, enthusiastically takes part in the Lithuanian Enduro Club and promotes this sport. Currently, Tadeuš is preparing for a special road trip – he is to cover 1.000 kilometres on his motorcycle in Lithuania in 24 hours.