Training for fuel system repair specialists

Training for fuel system repair specialists
First training this year was for fuel system repair specialists.

The first training organized by AD Baltic this year was held in Kaunas on 27-28 February for fuel system repair specialists. The training was initiated by Delphi Technologies with the aim of sharing their expertise on innovation and knowledge on relevant topics such as the GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) and Common Rail. During the breaks, participants shared contacts and their own experience gained through numerous years of practice. Lecturer – Arkadiusz Raczynski (Delphi Technologies).

Gasoline engines with direct injection are now widely used due to pollution requirements. The system generates a lot of power by reducing the displacement of the engine; this increased the demand for this type of engine and the volume of repairs for technicians. Participants sharpened their skills and deepened their knowledge by conducting electronic measurements using an oscilloscope and determining sensor functionality, also, they discussed typical failures, diagnostics and repairs of these systems.

During the diesel engine system (Common Rail) training day, the jets and other elements of fuel systems were demonstrated, followed by a discussion on specific repairs. Participants were provided with an opportunity to change parts of the Common Rail system using a variety of special devices.

AD Baltic organizes training together with a range of suppliers to improve the efficiency and innovative outlook of auto mechanics, which results in faster work, higher quality and lower costs. This training introduced a variety of state-of-the-art diagnostic devices that accelerate and improve the quality of daily work of an auto mechanic. All these products are available in the AD Baltic range.