Masters League 2019 Final in Latvia

Masters League 2019 Final in Latvia
The first winners were identified in Latvia.

Following the New Year holidays, the AD Baltic team came back to work and immediately launched the marathon for the Masters League 2019 Finals. After nearly half a year of the campaign, the most important and enjoyable task remained was to decide on the winners of the grand prizes established by Delphi and Bosch, the strategic car parts manufacturers.

The first winners were identified in Latvia. On January 7, a creative team gathered in the central customer service unit of AD Baltic in Riga to set up a television studio. Pauls Timrots, the famous car TV shows organizer, soon arrived to turn on a lottery machine specially designed for the Masters League and to organize a real lottery show together with Nikolajs Želņins, the director of AD Baltic in Latvia, and Kristīne Veizāne, the Estravel representative.



First, we found out who won the € 3,000 Estravel traveler's cheque established by Delphi Technologies. The lucky order, which contained several Delphi parts, was placed by the Autofans Car Centre in Jelgava.


This is a huge car repair company that sells car parts and provides repair services. The company representatives said that they were immediately interested in the Masters League campaign and tried to order as many parts marked for the campaign as possible. Although the company was not lucky to win the lower-value trips awarded each month, it still was able to earn quite a lot of ‘AD money’ in the course of the 5-month campaign and ordered Delphi products as much as 35 times. One of their orders, which may seem quite ordinary, including Delphi brake discs and pads worth less than € 60 was the lucky one winning a trip worth € 3,000 wherever the winner wants.

Soon we turned the fortune wheel again and learned that one of the small partners would be traveling on a special trip with Bosch. Yes, one of AD Baltic smallest partners, Mr. Viktar Piatrov, whose Belarus Individual Company in Daugavpils has just one lift, has won the biggest prize of the Masters League 2019, i. e. a trip to China. In his company, Victor is both a director and an operative. It is just a small garage-based workshop repairing cars. Even though the partner is small, the partnership is really substantial. Viktar regularly orders something from AD Baltic and he has ordered Bosch products 29 times in this campaign. The winning order was quite small. Mr. Viktar was replacing engine oil for Toyota Corolla of one of his customers, and he ordered both oil and filters. When ordering from AD Baltic he chose Bosch oil and air filters, and this minimal investment of just € 14 paid off for him in spades. Now, he just has to choose a friend or a girlfriend to visit China with.


These great awards demonstrate once again that all partners are precious to the AD Baltic team. Both big and the smallest partners have real chances of winning the greatest prizes. Therefore, we invite you to always pay attention to the AD Baltic campaigns, as there are more of them taking place now and in the future. Congratulations to the winners!


We invite you to watch a video of the celebration here: