New AD Baltic customer service department opened in Tauragė

New AD Baltic customer service department opened in Tauragė
On Friday, the 27th of September, we officially opened a new AD Baltic customer service department in Tauragė.

To mark the occasion, we organised a gathering and invited our current and future partners. We introduced the guests to our team, showed them the warehouse, arranged a discounted goods sale, and invited everyone to take part in a month-long promotion during which 10% of the amount spent on AD Baltic goods will come back in the form of “AD Money".


“We strive to be a partner to our customers, ensuring quality, a wide range of goods, and fast delivery in our daily operations. That’s why we’re expanding our customer service network and inviting those who are not yet our partners to become ones,” emphasised “AD Baltic” Lithuania Sales Manager Aurimas Tuskenis in his welcome speech. Aurimas came to meet future partners and to congratulate the new Tauragė CSD team.


During the celebration, guests visited the warehouse premises of the new „AD Baltic“ department, purchased good but significantly discounted merchandise at the sale, and took part in the grand opening draw. Current and future partners had a chance to meet the new AD Baltic team, had lunch, and enjoyed a piece of the huge cake that was made specially for the celebration. AD Baltic is continuing to expand its activities in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The Tauragė CSD is already the 19th customer service department in Lithuania and has strengthened AD Baltic's western region.


Naujojo Tauragės KAS komanda pasiruošusi darbui.
The team at the new Tauragė CSD is ready for work. Valentinas Jankauskis photo.

The guests selected merchandise eagerly during the sale. Valentinas Jankauskis photo.

The event culminated with a special cake. Valentinas Jankauskis photo.